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Excellent RTS game that depicts World War II historical and custom sea battles
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Victory at Sea offers you a historical starting point – the World War II –, real sea battle scenarios – like the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean –, and true historical battles – such as the Battle of the Denmark Strait, Pearl Harbor or Guadalcanal – for you to choose a country, impersonate your favorite Captain, design your own fleet, fight your own naval combats, and give the naval history of World War II your own turn.

With splendid graphics and scenarios, this Real Time Strategy game keeps evolving and improving its game play to become a reference in the world of sea battle games. By adding new convoy and submarine mechanics that enhances their maneuverability, a hard and an expert mode for the most seasoned players, and a wide array of minor yet impressive improvements, Victory at Sea allows you to write your own History book. You are given three main modes – Historical Battle, Campaign, and Custom Battle (also referred to as Point Battle). You can choose a country (Great Britain, Germany, Japan, USA, France, etc.), a scenario (either a historical battleground or just any location in the Atlantic or Pacific oceans or the Mediterranean Sea), the size and warships of your fleet, and plan out your own strategy.

You can build your own career in the Navy by fighting cleverly in the various scenarios while earning medals, millions of war bonds, and fame. You will also learn about the real battles you are now part of and about the different warships that comprise your fleet. Thus, Victory at Sea is not just about destroying as many ships and submarines as possible – you will learn the importance of securing ports and trade routes as part of your strategy. You will also learn about the different weather conditions linked to each scenario that will determine the way you handle your fleet: the foggy waters of the Atlantic, the hot temperatures of the Pacific and the Mediterranean, the treacherous waves and the numerous tiny islands that your enemy – or you! – will use to hide their warships. You will also have the opportunity of choosing between day and night battles and put your strategic thinking to the test.

Victory at Sea is growing version by version into the high-quality Real Time Strategy game it was designed to be. By combining historical facts and scenarios with the highest level of flexibility, this naval war game will provide you with endless hours of both thinking and action.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Excellent graphics, in both night and day modes
  • Steep learning curve
  • New battleships and fighting conditions
  • New deep dive modes for submarines
  • Hard and expert modes
  • Depicts historical battles in real scenarios


  • None
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